Monday, 14 May 2012

New poems on Squidoo on the theme of lost loves

I have just published annother tranche of my poems on a new Squidoo Lens (=web page),

Poems On Endings And Lost Loves.

I am still hoping to publish a large proportion of some of the hundreds of poems which I wrote in my teens and twenties. Many of these were set to music as this was my main outlet for creative endeavour. Often changing the words to provide a middle eight for the resulting songs.

Here I give a very short example of what is contained in the poems, apologies but you will have to browse on over to the Squidoo lens to read the rest. Squidoo does not like repetition of its published content in a bid to retain Google ranking for original content.

Three extracts from the lens:-

Silent Lady

Silent Lady, Silent Lady
the time has come to say goodbye.
How can I forget you,
When I see you everyday in my mind’s eye.

Sing Me A Simple Song

Sing me a simple song,
So I can sing along.
We can make beautiful music all night and day.
Sing me a melody,
Let's sing in harmony.
I know that we can make it come what may!

Reflections From The Past

Reflections remind me
Remind me of a love we knew
And sometimes I can see you
In reflections from the past

I hope that you will be suitably impressed and want to read the whole poems, there will be at least six poems in this lens when it is completed.

THaanks for reading and I hope to have more news of more poems soon.