Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Finally - a new poem

I have been so busy learning to play the ukulele and painting again that writing has been on the back-burner for longer than I care to think; hence the long break since my last post. There is only so much time in the day unfortunately.

But writing is never very far from my mind, in fact I wrote a song a couple of weeks ago so maybe the time's may be a-changing?

But what bought this change about? Well last weekend, we spent a few days in Brighton and did a little shopping in the lanes. My wife persuaded me to buy a red paisely shirt. Not honestly my style, but she decided that I needed to have something a little outrageous in my dottage. It will do for ukulele concerts, I guess. Anyway, Whilst the rest of the party spent a couple of hours tramping around The Royal Pavilion, I sat in the sun and took out my notebook and decided to WRITE A POEM. Yes, it was a conscious decision. But what should be the topic of my endeavour? Why, my new red shirt. I don't need big stories to get me writing - so here it is:-

A new Shirt.

Today, I purchased a brand new shirt
A little bit red but, OK;
It's colourful, patterned
Will stand out in a crowd,
Wearing it makes a statement,
"This is me, and I'm proud"
To be just a little bit different.
Just for once in my life
I'll stand tall
So don't tell me it's flash;
Nothing so rash!
It's just a little bit loud
- That's all.

Just a little bit of fun really - no hidden messages, etc. Not my usual style but maybe that's because I have not been over-zealous with the lineage. I have not sweated over the number of syllables as I might once have done. The next thing is to record it, and embed the recording on the post. You can then hear how I think it should be read.

Anyway, the long abstinence is over. I am hoping that my writing will become part of my life once again.