Sunday, 6 September 2015

Not Quite A Poem

Life has been so incredibly complicated and busy this year, and shows in the number of posts I have made, especially since the spring. One of these days things will sort themselves out and I am sure my artistic output will return to normal.

In the meantime, here is a lyric. Meant to be a little bit of fun, it was well received at my ukulele club when I tried it out on them in an "open mic" spot. I thought that with absolutely nothing in the poetry line to share here, I would at least show that I am still just about turning out something creative in the writing arena. Hope you like it and take it for what it is.

My Uke Is Gonna See Me Through The Day 

When I ‘m feeling  low
Got no place to go
And no one’s ‘round to raise my sorry mood.
I don’t sit a round
Staring at the ground
I Pick up my 4-string and I start to play

verse 1
Oh my uke is gonna get me through the day
Raise my voice and strum along and play
My spirits soon will rise, soaring to the skies
Oh my uke is gonna get me through the day 

verse 2
The cheerful sound of strumming is so cool
Takes me back to days I spent in school
No cares to weigh me down, no sign of a frown
Oh my uke is gonna get me through the day

verse 3
No pills or potions do the same for me
I’ve tried them all, they fail it’s plain to see
But when I hear those chords, I’m never ever bored
Oh my uke is gonna get me through the day 

If you would like to hear the song, having read the lyrics, then I offer next an early recording of the song which I often do to hear what I am doing. It is so easy to perform a song without really hearing the results. I do think that it does enable me to learn and improve. Anyway here it is:-

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Finally - a new poem

I have been so busy learning to play the ukulele and painting again that writing has been on the back-burner for longer than I care to think; hence the long break since my last post. There is only so much time in the day unfortunately.

But writing is never very far from my mind, in fact I wrote a song a couple of weeks ago so maybe the time's may be a-changing?

But what bought this change about? Well last weekend, we spent a few days in Brighton and did a little shopping in the lanes. My wife persuaded me to buy a red paisely shirt. Not honestly my style, but she decided that I needed to have something a little outrageous in my dottage. It will do for ukulele concerts, I guess. Anyway, Whilst the rest of the party spent a couple of hours tramping around The Royal Pavilion, I sat in the sun and took out my notebook and decided to WRITE A POEM. Yes, it was a conscious decision. But what should be the topic of my endeavour? Why, my new red shirt. I don't need big stories to get me writing - so here it is:-

A new Shirt.

Today, I purchased a brand new shirt
A little bit red but, OK;
It's colourful, patterned
Will stand out in a crowd,
Wearing it makes a statement,
"This is me, and I'm proud"
To be just a little bit different.
Just for once in my life
I'll stand tall
So don't tell me it's flash;
Nothing so rash!
It's just a little bit loud
- That's all.

Just a little bit of fun really - no hidden messages, etc. Not my usual style but maybe that's because I have not been over-zealous with the lineage. I have not sweated over the number of syllables as I might once have done. The next thing is to record it, and embed the recording on the post. You can then hear how I think it should be read.

Anyway, the long abstinence is over. I am hoping that my writing will become part of my life once again.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A new paperback, a new poetry collection

The third collection of my poetry is available on Amazon, called Nightmare and other poetry.

However for readers of this blog a free download is available from SCRIBD, under a different cover but with identical content. This may not always be free so don't delay, get your copy now. That's me trying to see you a free copy, LOL. But seriously I posted an embedded copy of this book in my a little while ago in a post on this blog, you can of course read it from here. It has been updated using the latest formatted copy which I used for publishing via Createspace so both agree - within a few typos caused by the conversion process.

Actually, the software that Scribd use to convert MS Word files does not do the job as well as that of Createspace (an Amazon company) so there are a few typos which I am going to have to clean up. In the near future but I hope that this does not spoil your enjoyment of the poems.

I have been busy publishing my three completed volumes of poetry plus an art related book. This has now been completed and so I am now catching up with some art tutorials. All this has taken a toll of the writing of new poetry, and I have written no new poetry since the 21st March this year, which can be found on this blog.

I hope by the end of the month I will be writing poetry again. Please keep an eye out for these published first on this blog.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

More News on Published Poetry

I do seem to be spending a lot of time at the moment editing and formatting my short poetry collections for publication on Amazon in paperback format. This of course is affecting the amount of time I have for new, original poetry. But I hope this process will be completed soon (after all I don't have that many books in hand) and that I will be able to get back to writing new material.

This post is to release the news that I now have a second poetry book available on Amazon. It is actually the first in the series but for practical purposes I published the second volume first, if that makes sense.

This new collection is based on older poems which I have edited and converted from song lyrics originally written in the sixties and seventies. I am surprised that the range of topics is as wide as it is considering their origin. That is not to knock the poems but simply to state that the range of themes is wider than the usual stuff of pop-songs.

  • Paperback: 42 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (29 April 2014)
  • ISBN-10: 1499294905
  • ISBN-13: 978-1499294903

 You can see this book on or or alternatively I shall let you into a little secret - keep it to yourself - for a while it can be found on Scribd for free download. Same book different cover.

The table of contents, in four sections, is as follows.





 I have one more collection of poetry complete and ready for publication. I shall include details next time.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

A new companion site to this blog

With the imminent release of my second book to be published on Amazon, I have decided to set-up a new static web-site to  promote any and all of my boooks which are currently in the pipeline.

The second published book (of 32 pages) will be live on the Amazon site this week.

In the book I share my experiences over the last 25 years as an amateur artist who has been helping to run a local art group. The past 5 years I have been the treasurer and now act as membership secretary and take the chair at group meetings. Although I do have support in many areas, I am working hard for the continuation of the group. I hope that this book might help thoseartists who for one reason or another cannot find a suitable group in their own location.

The web-site will be part of my promotional activities to drum up potential sales for my books, and although I will continue to post new books on this blog, I do not want to swamp my readers with continued reference/links to these publications.

For your reference the site is called "Poetry By John", not terribly original but all I could think of in a rush. Must have had an off-day, LOL

Sunday, 6 April 2014

My First Volume Of Poetry, Now Available On Amazon

I have just published the first volume of my poetry, it is now available on Amazon - or at least as quickly as their system processing will allow.

I was really pleased with the proof copy of this book (32 pages) which I received over the weekend, a real "feel-good" feeling to hold the book in my hands. But I actually wrote the book some time ago and decided there were some changes which I had to make to the text that I had not really noticed on the screen. A learning point for myself there - always print and check major documents.

There are 16 poems, some short, some longer and all have short notes included which describe why and often how I wrote that particular piece. I hope this will prove of interest to readers.

Anyway, I did the editing and received the "OK to print" signal from CreateSpace. I pressed the button and am now waiting for it to appear on the site. (now available)

CreateSpace is owned by Amazon and takes you through the process for publication one step at a time. It is very easy but do be careful about images. CreateSpace says it requires images to be 300ppi. But what they really should be saying is that the images should be of a certain size. I believe it is the size in pixels whixh determines whether or not it will print. I had the same issues with Zazzle.

Anyway there it is, a paperback version of the book. I have also opened my Amazon author's page.

It just remains for me to go through the same process with my other two completed poetry books and complete the fourth. I also have two non-fiction, tutorial books available. One of these has also been through the CreateSpace process and is waiting for the proof copy to be reviewed.

It feels good to be an author at last, rather than just a writer.

Friday, 21 March 2014

A New Poem - Faded Flowers

At last I have something I can feel good about. I was writing my last post, a piece about my surname and its origin at the dining room table, and from time to time glanced up at a vase of flowers in front of me. A busy weekend meant that it had not been thrown out although some of the more delicate blooms were past their best.

before I had finished, I had a few words swirling around my head and decided that it would be worth spending a little time putting a few ideas down on paper (well on my laptop screen anyway) and perhaps keep it for future use. The next day I came across it again, and settled down to write this poem. I changed a few lines and very quickly the whole nature of the piece changed, and this poem started to come together.

I know that all the books and articles talk about editing and putting things away for awhile and re-editing but I have always been quite impatient with writing poems and lyrics. Maybe that's why I always feel that I should make changes everytime I read my older work. But Where does the process stop?

Anyway, here is the full poem as it stands:

Faded Flowers by John Dyhouse

A vase of dying flowers,

Sits on the windowsill.

Sadly waiting, bleached, forlorn

Now simply treated with such scorn

A faded memory.

I know the scent, that emanates

From across the silent room.

A cross between mown grass, and decay

At the ending of another day

A wasted memory.

A present once accepted

A gift with love and care;

But now they sit, neglected

Forgotten and rejected.

Redundant memory.

Sign of a soured relationship.

A metaphor perceived,

A troubled life, a rift

Don't let the feelings drift

Don't waste that memory.

The flowers now cannot be saved

Too late, just throw them out.

But carefully consider how

Think about your life right now,

Is it right to disavow;

retain that memory