Friday, 25 October 2013

A New Collection of Poetry (Free Download)

Some of you may have seen the free e-book at Scribd which I blogged about on this site and which contains an embedded copy of the Scribd book.

This contained a number of early lyrics, edited to pass as poetry. I have now taken poems written since then and created a second collection which I have called, "Poetry From A New Beginning". The reasoning behind the title is explained in the e-book itself, so I will not re-iterate it here. It is also available on Scribd as a free download, and again I am posting an embedded version of this e-book in this post here on the blog.

Read it here, or go to Scribd to download it, it is your choice. The difference in style seems obvious to me. Not least is the widening of the subject matter. I would love to hear what you think of the poetry. It has become very important to me but I am struggling to write as much as I would like. Here is the e-book:-

Saturday, 19 October 2013

A new poem - Holiday Thoughts

Here I am again, another apoplogy for neglecting the blog, to be fair though I have been on holiday. I was hoping to try and write a few poems over the fornight (almost) but in the end the weather was so great and the swimming pool at the hotel so inviting that I failed to meet this objective. I did manage just one poem, however.

The pool and the adjacent bar were always there and made use of. But one night I was idly taking a few long exposure night shots around the pool and with disco music emanating from the open bar, I started to put a few lines together.

And here they are for your approval - or otherwise!

Holiday Thoughts by John Dyhouse

Coloured lights sparkle
reflecting in a watery mirror
disturbed by gentle breezes
which keep the night cool

Happy sounds drifting
from a nearby bar-room
briinging back memories
Of a time long passed

Another day ending
another holiday soon over
familiar routines
will soon be re-imposed

Oh so very briefly
freedom tasted, not forgotten
though life must return to normal
hopes spring of a return next year

Cheers for now, I will try to make sure the next post doesn't take so long.

More of those night-time photos are available on my photo blog