Monday, 9 December 2013

A Poem Based on the Fourfold Way of the American Native Indians

Flying Hawk, 
pictured in a photograph borrowed from Wikipedia (public domain)

A few years ago I attended a leadership course based on NPL techniques. One of the things we learnt about was a red indian myth, the Fourfold Way. I was totally knocked out by the course, it really opened my eyes to an understanding of myself; after wards I chose this myth to turn into a poem. One of four pieces of writing I did about my experiences on the course.

I called it The Warrior, but this title was only a working title - it stuck. The poem was actually my first which did not start off a song lyric.

The Warrior

I am the Warrior
Mine is the power
I will be there for you
Hour by hour
Think of the winter
Of frost in the air
I am the Warrior
I will be there

I see a vision
In the fire of truth
I will not judge you
There’ll be no reproof
Think of the summer
The sun is that fire
I see a vision
I’ll share to inspire

I am the Healer
I’ll attend to your heart
I’ll bring you loving
I’ll play my part
Think of the springtime
In the earth, seed we sow
I am the Healer
Together we’ll grow
I am the teacher
Whose wisdom is time
I teach but I learn more
Perceiving your signs
Think of the autumn
And the waters of fate
I am the Teacher
Don’t leave it too late

It is one that I had forgotten, aand found it today whilst searching the house for ssomething totally different for my wife. One good turn .......

Hope that you like it.