Saturday, 2 June 2012

A Poem For Ellen, On Her Passing Away

I don't often write this type of poem but Ellen was 101 years old when she died and I felt moved to put pen to paper.

                                       For Ellen.

               A grand old age, they all said so
               But still it hurt to see her go.
               And in the end, Not taking long;
               So short a time To move along.
               Leaving behind this vale of tears,
               Family and friends made through the years.

               She had a life that many say
               Was just and rewarding, for in her way
               She lived and loved those that she knew
               Harbouring no grudge, paying her due.

               For husband, son and daughter too
               She gave her love, she saw them through.
               In troubled times she was right there
               No need to ask, with strength she'd bear
               Them through it all and take their part
               With selfless love and generous heart.

               As Nan, she loved the children who
               Grew up so fast and loved her too.
               So weep not for a life so blessed,
               Remember Ellen, gone to rest.

I hope that you like it.

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