Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Latest Poem - That Little Black Dress


That little black dress
On the shop window dummy
Attracting the crowds
Out shopping today.

That little black dress
Was so neat and appealing,
It sparkled and shone
In a very fine way.

That little black dress
Donated in charity;
Helping the needy
In so many ways.

That little black dress
A sign of a conscience;
Means so very much
That little black dress, OK
Thanks to saraicat on Flickr for the use of this photo, licenced under creative commons

Not getting on very well with the challenge, not sure why? Very busy and lots of other things going on but I am a little disappointed.
I saw this LBD (not the one in the photo!) in a charity shop whilst waiting for a bus; and it, and what it represented simply begged to be recognised in verse. Gave me my first poem for several days.

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