Saturday, 19 October 2013

A new poem - Holiday Thoughts

Here I am again, another apoplogy for neglecting the blog, to be fair though I have been on holiday. I was hoping to try and write a few poems over the fornight (almost) but in the end the weather was so great and the swimming pool at the hotel so inviting that I failed to meet this objective. I did manage just one poem, however.

The pool and the adjacent bar were always there and made use of. But one night I was idly taking a few long exposure night shots around the pool and with disco music emanating from the open bar, I started to put a few lines together.

And here they are for your approval - or otherwise!

Holiday Thoughts by John Dyhouse

Coloured lights sparkle
reflecting in a watery mirror
disturbed by gentle breezes
which keep the night cool

Happy sounds drifting
from a nearby bar-room
briinging back memories
Of a time long passed

Another day ending
another holiday soon over
familiar routines
will soon be re-imposed

Oh so very briefly
freedom tasted, not forgotten
though life must return to normal
hopes spring of a return next year

Cheers for now, I will try to make sure the next post doesn't take so long.

More of those night-time photos are available on my photo blog


  1. So happy you had a nice holiday. When working full time one longs for some freedom of scheduling, dont they? I remember!