Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A new paperback, a new poetry collection

The third collection of my poetry is available on Amazon, called Nightmare and other poetry.

However for readers of this blog a free download is available from SCRIBD, under a different cover but with identical content. This may not always be free so don't delay, get your copy now. That's me trying to see you a free copy, LOL. But seriously I posted an embedded copy of this book in my a little while ago in a post on this blog, you can of course read it from here. It has been updated using the latest formatted copy which I used for publishing via Createspace so both agree - within a few typos caused by the conversion process.

Actually, the software that Scribd use to convert MS Word files does not do the job as well as that of Createspace (an Amazon company) so there are a few typos which I am going to have to clean up. In the near future but I hope that this does not spoil your enjoyment of the poems.

I have been busy publishing my three completed volumes of poetry plus an art related book. This has now been completed and so I am now catching up with some art tutorials. All this has taken a toll of the writing of new poetry, and I have written no new poetry since the 21st March this year, which can be found on this blog.

I hope by the end of the month I will be writing poetry again. Please keep an eye out for these published first on this blog.

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