Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A wake-up Call, A New Poem

A wake-up call

Leaves tap tapping on my window
Each leaf played by soft breezes
Waking me at morning light
In a gentle way that pleases

Waves lap lapping on the shoreline
Just as consciousness returns
Wakefulness from deep within
Though for sleep my mind still yearns

Wings flap flapping ‘round my bedroom
A window’s opened on the morn
In frenzied haste these wings are chased
By light as the day is born

Who’s rap rapping on my door now
I’m not ready for the day
I know what I said last evening
But please just go away

It can’t be time, it’s early yet
It hurts to raise my head
I’ll be there soon, yes – before noon
But for now I need my bed

Stop that bang, bang, banging
That’s enough, I’m giving in
Just stop that noise, give me some peace
I’ll be there, alright, you win

We stopped in a guest house / hotel for a week and there were mature trees and a large palm tree right outside the window, see image. Gave me the idea and inspiration for this poem.

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