Thursday, 8 November 2012

More poetic fragments

I am still not finding the more weighty themes which I need to get my teeth into. I am finding it difficult to find time to write poetry and am looking for inspiration as I walk to the local shops or on my way to work, about the only free time I can use for poetry at the time.

I need to schedule some quiet time to see if I can get over this lack of progress. Six months ago I was finding themes which did provide me with enough material for a poem - at least one per day when I started the project. I must decide wether this is important to me and if the answer is "yes", then I must find the time.

Some of the fragments are given here:

Walking home from work in the dark:-
I walk a long and lonely road,
I carry a weight, a heavy load.
I walk towards the dream.

The same again:-
Night dark
Shadows stark
trees surround me
like some unseen enemy

Walking TO work in the rain:-
with dragging feet he trawls
puddles on the ground

Walking along a beach at Shaldon:-
Don't swim here!
Exclaimed the warning signs.
Dangerous tides,
Was the reason to fear
Who would not heed
that advice for their safety.
But it happens you know,
as we all to often read.

Walking to the local shops:-
I walk along a tree-lined road
with head raised to the sky
there a bird atop a tree
watched with critical eye

Once more on the way to work:-
The autumn trees in colours bright
orange, red and yellow
such a sight, to his delight
an artists' dream 
to see them row on row

Walking on a sunny November morning:-
The day had just begun
I walked head bowed, by the morning sun
accepting shade from each tree I pass
relief from that blinding ball of gas

There is a definite lack of variety in the situations I am finding that first stanza for. As before, I have more for each start but do not think that they are worked up far enough to post them for the world to see.

I will be trying to write in a specific time and place to see if I can do something about this "writers block" if that is what it is. I also have found a good book which offers advice on how to go about overcoming this issue. If it works I will write about it and let you know the book next time. But for now - I am going into battle.

If that is the right attitude?

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