Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Poem: A Feather

I am going to try a different tack as far as writing goes. I have been saying lately that I have no difficulty with ideas for poems however I am just worried that the subjects are not "big" enough for a poem.

I have been writing one or two stanzas and then getting stuck. Is it writers block or the wrong subject? So I have decided to post just the one "beginning" and then come back to complete it - if I can. What will this achieve? Well I hope it will focus my mind on completing something before moving on leaving it unfinished which is too easy.

So here goes. I was sitting at a bus stop on my way to work and of course being autumn and windy the streets were awash with leaves. There was however one, well two actually, feathers which I noticed blowing about in the wind. Bingo, another poem was started. As has been the case recently, I got as far as verse two and simply left it because it became difficult to move on. Wish me luck to complete it before next week's post or sooner.

The Feather

A single feather on the ground,
Wind blown and tossed
Amidst the leaves that gathered there,
Alone and lost.

Who knows where or why it dropped,
And at what cost.
But up above a pigeon flew
Home to its roost;
Perhaps a feather from its tail,
Some mishap, I trust.

Of course this is pretty well how it came out and will require editing before it can be said to be complete, but first what is the rest of the story. The "So What?" which I will have to answer. I am hoping that I can move forward on this and break away from writing so many fragments without completing anything.

Fingers and toes crossed, I will be working on this tomorrow. However, as a last thought, am I spending too much time on other things - writing blogs or painting for instance? These are a few paintings from the past couple of weeks. Posted on my Blog, Painting With John. I need to make sure that I spend a little private time when I can work on the poetry properly perhaps. Some scheduling may be necessary, LOL.

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