Monday, 24 December 2012

More fragments, still struggling with new poems

It has been a while, I was hoping to have been able to justify a new post with a new poem but it is not to be. As before in my last few posts therefore I am simply going to leave you with a couple of other snippets or fragments which I have been working on. I am also intending to include one or two images so that when I come back to these I will perhaps be able to carry on where I left off.

Summer is over, now Autumn rules
and the wind blows cold
time to wrap-up, dig out warmer clothes.

Blue skies darken, grey clouds scudding by
bringing rain and bringing floods.
Like a spoilt child the wind will rage
showing ever changing moods.

Each day I think of you
I think of how to please you
I think I do not know you
Because I always fail

You turn my thoughts away
You turn the tide each day
I can never find an appropriate way
To turn my thoughts to action

There's always some complaint
That seems a cause to rant
And rave, that boils my blood
And buries sweeter thoughts of love

I am thinking that the fragments are becoming poorer in content and as poetry. I am fast losing confidence in my ability, was it just a flash in the pan; those couple of dozen poems which I created before the turn of the summer. I just wish that I could find the creative spark which I thought I had triggered. I am not claiming that those poems were classics but I was proud of them and believed that I could get better. Unfortunately in trying harder to improve I seem to have lost my way. And I am getting to be a bore on the subject.

I have been reading books, magazines and blogs and can't help wondering if I am trying too hard. Am I being put off by what I am reading? This is why I would like to give a link to a blog which includes a short poem written to a prompt. Maybe this has something to teach me? I know lots of sources of prompts for writing and for  poetry, maybe I should try this and simply open my mind and let go, not worrying about the length of the poem but just creating a fragment for its own sake. If I can start to believe in myself again maybe the longer and "better" poems will start to flow again.

The blog is by Peggy Goetz and is called ON A DAY LIKE TODAY. Two poems I liked particularly from the latest posts were December Afternoon and Words Matter. I shall be reading a few more poems by Peggy and hoping for some inspiration. Wish me luck.

By the way, one of the best sites for poetry prompts must be the site Poets United, give it a try.

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