Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mechanical Poetry to overcome writer's block

Yes I am still suffering from this infliction.

I have found another web-site which offers help for poets suffering in this way. OK, so we have all seen many sites which offer prompts galore - does this help? I have even posted prompts and sources in previous posts but I am not sure it has been helping me that much. As I said, I am getting ideas to work on but it's carrying them through to more than fragments -to a complete poem.

Now that is patently silly because even a Haiku is a complete poem, so what do I mean? I am not expanding the ideas to longer poems I guess and this is bothering me. But hold on, before carrying on let me share a few more Haiku.

Wind chill factor high
The Beast from the East arrives
red warning of snow

(note: a red warning from the met office is issued when dangerous levels of snow are forecast)

Ignored totally
morning, get up, go to work
back home, silence reigns

Newspaper healines
full of bad news to annoy
answer, don't buy them

Newspaper headlines
designed to sell more copies
create frustration

Nespaper headlines
can they ever be believed
read between the lines

(what makes you think it was a good day for the newspapers)

Now, back to the main theme of the post. I have found a web-site which describes a creativity game for writing poems. I have been working on something similar for creatiing abstract art and so was attracted to it. The site, "Dial-a-Poem", also describes one or two ideas for writing poetry which it describes as mechanical poetry. I shall be trying out these ideas, hopefully more helpful than working to simple prompts.

watch this space I will let you know how I get on.


  1. Prompts are always good to stir up our creativity! I like the last haiku - read between the lines is a great play on words

  2. THanks for the comment Christy