Friday, 1 February 2013

Still writing Haiku as a way forward

Don't know if this is working, but at least I am not left with what to me seem like fragments of poems. The first stanza or a few lines, and then running into a case of writers block. Time after time after time. With the Haiku, without wishing to claim anything for them, I am able to feel that I have a complete piece. The discipline of the 5-7-5 syllable count is also making me work a little at the words I am using.
It can only be good practice, and heaven knows I need it. So what of this weeks batch. Again I leave them untitled - is this usual? Must take another look at some of the Haiku related sites.

Winter, think sunny
Think warm foreign beaches
Winter, bearable


Rain everlasting
Spring, summer, Autumn, Winter
Earth needs space to dry


Rain on rain on rain
Falls on saturated ground
Flooding now certain


The setting sun dies
Ending of another day
Sleep, refresh, renew.


Winter night comes early
Cloaking day's end silently
Until tomorrow

Well, what do you think? Is there any merit in these short pieces. I will be carrying on with this game in the hope that it will bring about an end to this current period of writer's block. And if it doesn't? - well then I shall have to think of something else to try.

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