Monday, 19 August 2013

A Poem - An Empty House

There is a time when because of a reason which you have no control over, yo may have to part with the house, the home, that you grew up in. Recently I was affected by such a happening and I wrote this poem inspired by the feeling which I though were appropriate.

An Empty House

Once full of life and laughter
Now empty and forelorn;
The house that I grew up in
Is left behind, foresworn.

Time marches on I know that;
And time cannot be stayed,
But now I leave that empty shell,
Knowing memories will fade.

Faded but not forgotten;
I will remember all
The good times, and the bad times
Family ties will ever call.

Call to me across the years
Wherever I may roam.
To help me live a better life,
And build my own sweet home

One home decays and gathers dust
One will be fresh and new
But I will be the link between
Them both, for me and you.

For life goes on and I will grow
In stature as I age,
Developing a life anew;
And write another page.

So weep not for that empty house,
Which I had once called home.
For love creates new memories,
To share when we’re alone.

This is another poem written for the poem-a-day project. This did not come easily and was not mapped out at the beginning. The rhymes simply led me from one line to another, often writing across the verses.

Thanks for reading.

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