Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A poem - Stand Up To Fear

 My photo of a statue in The Abbey Gardens at Malmesbury taken on a recent holiday. Do you know this garden was featured on TV as the home of "the naked gardener". Everyone wore clothes on thte day we were there however.

I seem to have come to another halt with new poetry at the moment, however this is one which I did not post on this blog when it was first written, this seems to be an oversight since I am quite proud of this one.

very much darker than  my usual output but all the better for that; "a change is as good as a rest", they say. Read below how it came about.

Fear assails me
Analysing my body
with frigid hands
Fear disrupts my thoughts
My brain refusing to comprehend,
should I run?
should I hide?
should I fight?

Fear, like an improbable
thief in the night
plundering my thoughts
stealing away my abilities
for decisive action
I must think
I must exploit
my remaining choices

Fear seeks to freeze
my understanding
of the real world
Fear builds upon the unknown
the unbidden becomes tangible
feeling powerless.
wait awhile
be positive

Fear may be defeated
(Fear is not all-powerful)
assert the truth
demand the right

Now an explanation of how it came about.

One Idea is sometimes called mechanical poetry. There are a number of on-line poetry generators for what they are worth. I always thought of them as a bit of fun. I have in the past actually written programs in basic to generate poems from a list of lines either in memory or from inputted data. So I have an idea how they work. But in the spirit of a little fun, I was trying one or two of these. I did find one that I thought gave passable results, and one of the offerings actually caught my attention.

I took the half a dozen lines and turned them into three stanzas of similar length. I am not sure how this really works, maybe I should have sat on it for a few weeks but I am so glad to have actually completed something other than my other relief valve, a haiku. I have to admit that I actually used a thesaurus for the first time for this poem, it almost seems like cheating but it did help to provide a couple of words which I preferred to my originals.

I think the ending is OK, but may look at it again and attempt to edit one or two lingering doubts. So here it is for now:-


  1. Hi John, A very good poem. I think this would be perfect to add to the Author's Den.

    1. It's very poignant. It describes fear very well. I like the last part, because it should not control you. Fear is part of living, we all need to deal with it. Well done John. This is a poem that should reach everyone. I believe that what. we read, we should internalize and get something from it for ourselves.