Tuesday, 4 February 2014

More Limericks to keep

Do you remember the competition I wrote about in the last post? A Limerick competition, but one in which you need to include a word from your address as the last word in the first line. Sounds difficult? well not really just pop back and all will be revealed.

Just popping back in today to post a couple more contenders. I really am not sure that I am managing to use my address to its fullest scope - maybe I should move? However, it did get my brain ticking over again after that long lay off since christmas.

A guitarist I know out of England,
Wanted badly to make just one last stand.
He found a cool base, a drummer as well
And a vocalist who could do much more than just yell.
Then hey presto, on stage, a new rock band

BTW that's me and my fender. And a tee-shirt I designed on Zazzle, It reads Guitarists do it with their fingers. My wife tells me it has a double meaning but I don't think so - do you?  If you want to check out more Zazzle tee-shirts, try my shop 

There was an old man, lived in fair Solihull.
His brains we are told were a little bit dull.
He thought hard, he thought long,
On the words for a song
But results came to totally null

The image is the High Street, Solihull, my town . A CC image from Wikipedia (commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Solihull_High_Street.jpg)

Still hoping for more to choose from before I make a choicefor my entry to this competition.

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