Tuesday, 12 June 2018

This weeks New Poem:Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Here is my latest piece of writing, another poem. This time a sombre piece, written again to a creative writing prompt from a random pass on the web sites offering these. 

A strange one for me, I started without any idea of where the subject would take me as I often do when using a prompt. And in this case I actually started the poem (the first verse and a half) by using a poetry generator. I use the strategy to give me a first line or two but never take what is offered without some heavy editing.

The prompt I used was "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" As an adult, I am not but what would make me feel this way? Perhaps a dream .... a nightmare? Or did something happen on a camping trip as a child? Maybe You could make your own mind up?

OK, here it is...

sourced from Pixabay (creative commons)

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Once upon a midnight sombre,
Through which came tapping, tapping, tapping.
In there stepped a haunting downbeat,
Still is rapping, still is rapping.

I felt compelled to scour the setting
I awoke with such a start.
Ah, distinctly I was strumming,
"Take thy woe from out my heart".

At that my soul knew fear.
The thunderclouds spoke of death.
Whilst in the earth I saw a grave,
My body failed to draw a breath.

I heard a maniacal, muted moaning;
A solemn, sepulchral shrieking.
I believed my time was over
As I heard my spirit weeping

I had never been so frightened,
Never dreaming of these shadows;
And the creatures I imagined
From long forgotten barrows.

But just before I drew my last breath
A light appeared in the eastern sky. 
The coming dawn rode to my rescue
The demons dissolved before my eye.

Years later grown into adulthood,
Still remembering that fright;
When asked why I am afraid of the dark,
I confess the happenings that night.

Thanks for reading, I have actually collected enough poems for a fourth poetry book ( well perhaps a pamphlet would be a better description) but it will be available on Amazon sometime soon if things go well.


  1. Hi John,
    Sorry you went through this but it does make for good reading. I'll be looking forward to your new book of poetry coming out.

  2. Hi John, This is well done. Meter is great... topic a little scary for me, I can see why your might be frightened, it comes through. Lots of emotion to put your nerves on edge. Great job John.

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