Monday, 4 June 2018

A new Poem; Hear the waves

Phew, missed a few days, I thought my new writing phase had ground to a halt. However, it has been a very busy few weeks and needs must. No matter how much I want to write, I was just too tired. But tonight, I took a break and decided to check out a few ideas for a new offering. I found a photo which I liked and this gave me a little inspiration for a new poem. Hope you can empathise and enjoy it.

Hear the waves

Hear the crashing of the waves;
The wind blows hard, but doubt remains.

I'm lost, alone, forsaken. 
What happened, was something taken?

Something's changed, a minor shift ;
Something has changed, a mournful rift .

I find it hard to understand,
Overshadowed in this pleasant land.

But listen, who sings at the water's edge?
Could they but help, provide a bridge.

He is nought but a singer,
Creating stories that shimmer.

A fantasy narrated,
It speaks to me, awaited.

A reverie conceived,
A future, now brightly revealed

I no longer feel alone,
All along I should have known.

I no longer feel so lost,
I no longer count the cost

Hear the lapping of the waves;
The breeze blows soft, whispering my name.

Well there we are, another completed poem and I feel really happy. Still got the writing bug after all.


  1. Hi John, You did a great job on this one. I got so drawn in while I was reading, I almost forgot I wasn't actually there. Yes, you still have the writing bug. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. John, this is beautiful. I love being by the beach and feel the calming that being there gives to you.


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