Friday, 20 July 2012

New Poems; A Poem and Nearly Roused To Action

Well the project is faltering but I have had a very busy and difficult time at home.

But here is my answer:-

A Poem

To write a poem about a poem
Almost seems incestuous
But right now I need a subject,
It’s really quite innocuous.

I gave myself a challenge
Write a poem every day.
At first it seemed quite easy
But today, who knows, OK.

Where to start? I need a theme
That I can write about
And then consider what to say
Make it novel so it stands out.

The first line is the hardest
And then others follow on,
The rhymes provide ideas
Until the game is won.

So please excuse this subject
I‘ve struggled for so long;
I’ll write a poem about a poem
It’s really not so wrong.

Well the poem says it all. I have gone a few days without writing anything (or at least anything poetical) and needed to end the dry run. Why not write about the difficulty I have been having. This was the result. It certainly seemed to work since the next poem came in the afternoon. There were quite a few changes as I wrote it and again when I typed it up, but that is to be expected. Hopefully the continual editing is beneficial.

The second piece today:-

Nearly Roused To Action

Nocturnal cries
Eternal sighs,
Dark nightly sobbing.

Unknown sad song
Who knows what wrong
Has been committed?

In the distance,
Some disturbance
Rends the quiet calm.

Should I worry?
What can I do?
Just raise an alarm?

Another witness
To this sign of distress
Will surely make that call.

Safely in bed
Hey, sleepy head;
Pull the covers up!

Not sure where this one came from. I had been reading some “abstract” poems on the internet and thinking about pairs of words which sounded good together. The first lines came together very quickly but I did not plan anything. In fact after the third verse, I completely changed the direction of the poem. Not sure if I like it but it certainly makes me think, “What would I do?”


  1. John, I saw your name at Poets United and wanted to let you know there are a lot of prompt sites in the blogosphere for the days when you cant think of a subject. Poets United posts a prompt Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Poetry Jam on Tuesdays. ( There are tons of others - on the Poets United site, look on the left hand side column and click on Directory for Poetry Prompt Sites - there are over 30 listed. Meanwhile, keep writing. As you find your way around the blogosphere you'll get the hang of it and your poems will start to come fast and furious. Nice to meet you through Poets United.

  2. THank you very much for the help and encouragement, Hope to bump into you on the poets united site soon.