Monday, 2 July 2012

New Poems: The Artist's Role & Buddist Chant

Back in quickly to post two more of my daily poems. Not sure that I would rate any of these as world beaters but it is beginning to be easier to start writing on different subjects. Today, I focus on artists and buddhists. Also I am developing a process or/and a routine which I am sure will benefit me in the days (months ?) to come. I would love to know what you think of them, and look forward to any criticsm in your comments.

The images are often of the subject of the poem but the monk was selected rather than the cover of the CD I was listening to at the time.

26th June

 The Artist’s RĂ´le 
Abstract abstraction
Collage perfection,
From imperfect parts
To a meaningful whole.

Textures contrasting
Directional casting,
Calm and contentment
The artists true goal.

A skilful creation
By well practiced action.
A bold affirmation
Of the artist’s proud ole

A colourful flourish
But never too garish.
Artistic appraisal?
It’s food for the soul.

 This is one of two pictures hanging on a hotel wall by the same artist. I enjoy creating collages and rather liked these works. What better way of celebrating them than to write my next poem on the subject of art.

 I found this more difficult to write because I had actually chosen a subject this time. Lots of editing and rewriting but eventually arriving at something I can live with.

In trying to find a rhyme with “whole” in the first verse, I actually found lots of possibilities and decided to make this a feature of the poem. I used a rhyme on the last line of each verse. A different rhyming form for me but one I think works quite well.

27th June

A Better Life

Shining sounds
Of people singing
Clashing gongs
And bells a-ringing.
Some far off temple
Mystic views
A world of fable.

Holy monks
Will chant and raise 
Voices aloud
In simple praise,
To their God
Whose all forgiving
Will reward them all.

Alternative last line for this poem:-

“Their reward will bring”

The song came to mind whilst driving back from a short break; my wife had put on a CD of Buddhist Chants and this set off a few thoughts which I completed after the journey.

I will be saying more about my process in the very near future, although I may well be writing a Squidoo lens (=article). I will be posting  the  link on here though.

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