Monday, 16 July 2012

A Poem Written At The End Of the Day

I am writing poems for my poem-a-day project faster than I am posting them to this blog, I am not sure if this is a bad thing. The blog is really to give me a place to record my progress on the project rather than publish the poetry. For instance, I am posting on Squidoo and on that site I would be penalised for posting elsewhere. So at least some of the poems will be kept for that site. I have just written a lens (=a web article) which outlines this project and gives snippets of some of the poems posted here but it will also contain some of my "better" poems, my personal favourites. So if you would like to see what I consider my best work please pay a visit to that site. It is originally posted with one new poem but I will be adding more as time passes.

For this post, I am including a poem which I wrote whilst sitting in my garden during a lull in the rain which we have been seeing this awfully wet summer. The sun was going down, everything was quite peaceful (no mowers or other garden sounds) just the sound of birds at the end of the day.

Evening Promise

A sound of flapping wings
As birds are settling down
Dusk is fast approaching
And the world is calm

Light fades and birds call
Evening comes for nature’s rest    
I sit and I listen
And the world is at peace

Clouds are floating by
No rain tonight it seems
I will take my nightly rest
And resting offers dreams

Dreams of times long since gone
Confusion creates awe
But with the coming, morning light
Like birds my hopes will soar
 The image was taken quite a time ago and is only used here to illustrate the poem.

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