Monday, 18 November 2013

A New Poem: Breaking Dawn

This is my third poem from what I am calling a mechanical poetry route.

I have used a simple poetry generator to create a poem, I seeded the app with a few words and took the result as a "starter for ten"; from this particular generator, the resulting poem was about ten short lines but as previously I decided that I wanted more. I like to tell a story in my poems not just leave the reader wanting more.

So taking a phrase at a time, and sometimes repositioning them I used a thesaurus and a rhyming dictionary to extend and enhance the poem. All poets edit their work several times as a matter of course, what I don't know is how many use help from dictionaries and thesauri during this process. I do believe that these poems are my own work. I simply get a little help in that first step which gives me a little kick and helps me to get over a little writers' block.

So here is the latest:-

Breaking Dawn.

I awake afraid to face the dawn.
Turning in my bed, toward the light
Leaking from a curtained widow,
I feel a dreadful, haunting fright.

A golden sun precedes the day,
But with what terrors shall I compete?
Will my nightmares yet come to pass.
I hide my head beneath the sheet.

My fantasies return each night,
In conspicuous, lucid clarity,
I relive them all within my sleep
In unwelcome perpetuity

I disavow their appearances
But shivering with trepidation
I know that I will only fail
It’s cold, so cold, it’s devastation

My lifeline is your happy face
It brings me warmth and calms my fears
you are so much my opposite
Yet your presence hides unwelcome cares

I thought I had finished but seeing it written down again here, I think that last verse should have been extended into at least two stanzas. It seems that things are coming out too quickly. I will leave it here however as a work-in-progress and make another post when I have edited/added more to complete it.

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