Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Poem Written After Standing Under The Bomb Bay Of A Vulcan Bomber

This poem was written after standing under the bomb bay doors of a Vulcan bomber, at the RAF museum, Cosford, and being totally overwhelmed.

In the initial years of the cold war. The V fleet, including the Vulcan and the Thor missile were the UK’s deterrent force helping to prevent the outbreak of a nuclear war.

In fact the Vulcan is an amazing aircraft; huge , deadly and yet so well designed it can be called a beautiful engineering triumph. It did help to keep the peace in a dangerously unstable world.

Lords Of The Air

Lords of the air
keeping the peace
when in the right hands
dread war may cease

Lords of the air
masters of war
wreaking untold damage
an end we deplore

Lords of the air
beauty unfurled
sleek, fast and deadly
when set on the world

Lords of the air
dangerous foes
you'll pray for your life
before one of those

Lords of the air
generations of peace
destructive yet docile
if warfare should cease.

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