Saturday, 21 April 2018

A Crumpled Sheet Of Paper - A New Poem

Another difficult poem. I selected a prompt for this with an idea in mind. It is not quite what I had planned but it is what it is. A very untenable / illogical metaphor. I offer the poem with no further eplanation and make no apologies if it seems to make no sense.

A crumpled sheet of paper

A crumpled Sheet of paper,
It has no use, no more.
It's final destination,
That trash can on the floor.

A page so full of memories,
A story barely told;
Well written, but forgotten.
Disallowed from growing old.

A faded, yellow page.
The words no longer clear.
So difficult to read now,
But it still brings forth a tear.

But I cannot bear to lose
that which had meant so much.
In better times, supporting me,
an undeniable crutch.

I'll make a promise to myself,
I'll find a way to free
That crumpled sheet of paper,
Bring it back, as it should be.

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