Sunday, 22 April 2018

A New Poem - Daffodil Destruction

I am usually very much against poetry that doe not rhyme. Of course when I put this view to friends and others alike, I am inundated with examples of non-rhyming examples. But today, I was in a hurry to complete a poem and found that rhymes were not forthcoming. And so, I found myself writing what I would normally call a piece of prose. OK, it is based on lines and at least it has a metre of sorts, but I feel that I have failed. It is a compromise which I am not really happy with. You might say it is out of my comfort zone but I was desperate to get out of the "Slough Of Despond" I have found myself in over the past couple of weeks.

A vase of floribunda daffs, blown down by a storm

So, aims achieved, I present a new poem. Actually I used the same prompt for this poem that I used for the poem in the last post. Of course it was a prompt which could be interpreted in a very free way. It was provided once more by my friend Monna Ellithorpe, one of her weekly writing prompts.

Make up your own mind and please feel free to criticise, or otherwise, in the comments section below. The poem is called ................

Daffodil Destruction

We had a beautiful array
Of daffodils in our garden.

People passing
Had commented on the colours,
Of the late spring display.

But that wind
Blew up fast, from out of nowhere
And kicked the best for six

The floribunda,
With their heavy heads bowed;
Were no match, and fell prostrate.

I found them,
Their heads in the dirt this morning.
Wistfully, I collected the fallen heroes.

An assignment
Beckoned, to make them proud;
A gift for a mothers grave.



  1. I think this is very lovely. Too bad that the wind caused their demise. I'm sure your mother appreciated them on her place of rest.

  2. I agree with Brenda. It's a lovely poem. It is sad that it's not coming together like you want. Hang on to it and come back from time to time. You will get it the way you want.