Monday, 2 April 2018

A little more nonsense from a poetic prompt

Well now I was missing my regular weekly writing prompt due to Easter and so I turned to google this week.Well I looked at many different prompts before I found one which seemed to turn my head. It was actually about morning being the best time for magic (?) well who knew, but I added a soupcon of another prompt and this poem developed on the page (or screen as it happened).

You might know that the weather is a standard, fall-back topic of conversation for us Brits because of our wonderfully creative weather and a the fact that we are really quite reserved when meeting and talking to people. In fact I have written many time before about various aspects of the weather. For example:- A Blast From The Past,  My Poetry Takes A New DirectionThe Wind And I.

In fact just browsing thru this blog for these few examples I realise I have written more poems about "Morning" and different aspects of a new day. I find that I have sadly forgotten many; I guess I need to sort out another book of poems.

Anyway where was I, oh yes - a title? What else but, "Morning In The Rain". Not very catchy, but I always have problems with titles. Usually the last thing I do with a poem.

Morning In The Rain

Another rare morning
Spring in the air
A red sky is warning
I'd better beware

You know what they claim
The weather could turn 
A whole new ball-game
Will I ever learn

Don't trust the weather
Mom always advised
You'll find that its never
worthy of compromise

So dress for comfort
But back-up your choice
You know that you ought
To heed mom's good advice

Another thin morning
It's cool, beginning to rain
Can't stand here talking
Nice to meet you again

Well that's it, hope you liked it. Hardly cartries an earth shattering message but then that's me. Down to earth and real.

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  1. Hi John.

    I kind of like rainy days...but not too many at once. Lovely poem and everything coincides with your unexpected weather. You were talking about your poems for the morning and I'm working on my poetry book entitled: "At the End of the Day." I hope to have it out soon. Again, love the poem, John. Well done.