Sunday, 13 May 2018

Information Overload, A New Poem

Another light-hearted piece of creative writing based on a writing prompt from Monna Ellithorpe. I do enjoy writing from a limited set of prompts, as I don't have to think, "Now which one shall I choose?" I pick the one of two or three which Monna has selected for that week and then I can concentrate on the subject matter. I find it so much more fun and easier. Lists of hundreds can be found on the internet but they simply confuse me. I suppose that I should pick a number at random and use that one but .....

 This week I read a contribution from another writing friend (before writing my own) and found it was very similar in direction to what I at first, was intending to write. So I took the hard way out and changed my attitude to the prompt - of course this is always possible. Part of the fun really.

Anyway, a little tongue-in-the-cheek attitude in what follows is not amiss in light of the research I have been involved in on the internet over the recent past.

Information Overload

As a scientist, I am used, to searching out the truth;
Information is the basis of my trade.
But so many of my friends just click a link and find, 
That truth is not always what's displayed.

Information is at hand, for those who wish to search
The problem is to know what to conclude.
It's tempting to believe simply everything you read
And forget it's information overload.

The first and easy choice may not provide that truth,
Despite it being easy to believe.
The resourceful knowledge seeker, will not presume
To find. the truth in all that he perceives

Anyone at all, can with illusions fill a screen.
Anyone can write though not bestowed
With intelligence and knowledge of the simple facts.
Take heed, reject information overload

Thanks for visiting and reading (you did didn't you?) my newest poem. I hope you enjoyed it and smiled -  just a little.

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  1. Hi John, Bravo. Loved your poem and it did seem like the words came easier to you with this one. Keep at it. Thanks again for participating.