Tuesday, 1 May 2018

New Poem - Wild River

Well I am having such a difficult time and my poems are reflecting this, Another dark image in this one.

Wild River

I see a wild river blocking my path
I see a bridge destroyed in their wrath
I see a dark army no quarter allowed
I see myself lonely but brave, head unbowed

River Wye at Ross, photograph by the blog owner

Ahead's a wild river,  I must cross o'er
A boat is the answer, but would it be slower
Than the approaching horde at my back
The bridge is no answer; ruined, burnt and black

The Rollright Stones, The Kings Men
photo by the blog owner

I'll cross that wild river, cross and survive;
I'll summon my friends, let them know I'm alive.
My supporters will rally and help me across,
I'm not done yet, I'm no albatross.

I wont be a burden, wild river or not
But I know I need help, to cut that knot.
I'll take what is offered, no more and no less
And I'll pay back my dues by being a success.

Christmas display at Wyevale garden centre
photo by blog owner

Excuse the "silly photos but this poem would not come easily. In these circumstances, I often create a photo board. Just a little trick which helps me to get the story together - sometimes.


  1. Hi John, Again, Well done. Rivers are so encroaching and every changing. This shows the fight for survival against the wild in nature.

  2. Hey John, This is a good poem but I can see how you are a little taken aback of the turn your writing has taken. I'm thinking you need to do a 10 or 15 minute free writing session to get some more of those feelings out, so you have a more clear mind to write poems that you're not sure about.

  3. you did a good job. Thanks for the nice poem.