Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A little whimsy!

Sometimes I just feel that I have not enough time to write, and this was the case last night. I have been so busy of late but when I came across another post from my friend Monna Ellithorpe, another prompt which caught my attention on Facebook, I simply had to have a go.

This short piece came together in a very short time. No time to edit or anything like that, I just left it as it was. But boy did I enjoy the freedom not to worry about what it ended up looking like.

The prompt was to write a four line poem about your muse. Once when all lines rhyme and then again with no rhyming at all.

I put mine together and then simply had to get in another stanza to complete the poem. I enjoyed writing it, hope you can enjoy reading it.

Sir Galahad
We all have days when things seem bad,
When things go wrong and make you sad,
But never let it get you mad,
Summon up your muse, your Galahad.

We all have days we wish would end.
You’ve had enough and want to scream,
But don’t let your troubles grind you down;
Take a break, think of your Sir Galahad.

Sir Galahad, your knightly muse
Can help you through, he’ll help you choose,
Write a poem, don’t blow a fuse.
Think; if Galahad was in your shoes.

Wow it happened so quickly. It really liberated me although it is very trite and easy use of language I really enjoyed it. I experimented with limericks once (upon a time) and this seems to be on the same lines. Hope it makes you smile.


  1. This one was fun, John. I like the Knightly Muse, it kind of has a regal feel. I can hear the old English coming out of your muse in a "wisdomly" way.