Friday, 23 March 2018

A poem, "You Hide But Nobody Seeks"

I am still following up on the writing prompts posted by my friend Mona Ellithorpe, this weeks gave me the title for another poem. I know someone who I care for very much who has suffered from  aquired brain damage cause by a viral infection, the prompt, "you hide but nobody seeks ...", made me think of that person and this poem was written with them in mind.

You hide but nobody seeks

You hide but nobody seeks
you listen but nobody speaks
you look but no one is there
you cry but nobody cares

you hide yourself away
its another quiet day
your friends have long since gone
you've changed and they walked on

you never were to blame
but it happened all the same
an accident that left you changed
an accident, not prearranged

It never was your fault
that built this stifling vault
the man you were has passed away
look now, look to another day

to you your new life beckons
it only took a second
at least that's all you knew
until you learned what you'd been through

forget the past, mourn for that man
but live for tomorrow, yes you can
accept your new life and be awake
to opportunities that you can take

New friends will rally in your life
don't hide away you have a life
It can be good, it's not the same
but you never were to blame

I always capitalise my poems on each line and am obsessive about punctuation, but this time it did not seem important, even the title was an afterthought -- I have edited it into the post and added an image.

If this poem touched you then you may also like this earlier poem Helpless, which is very much connected to this one, you can find it on this blog from a few years ago

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