Saturday, 24 March 2018

Poem - "My Dog Ran Off With The Keys"

Can't believe that I am started to write again, creatively. But having just a few prompts to choose from instead of hundreds on the majority of sites which offer to provide them seems to concentrate the mind, I would recommend it to anyone enduring "writers block" or simply a lack of time.

Try this weekly prompt, just 2 or 3 offered on the site owned by Monna Ellithorpe which will offer a gateway to many more pages by Monna.

Mmmm, this one was a lot more light-hearted than the last. I enjoyed (and found myself silently laughing) whilst I put this one down on paper, well on to the screen. Hope it makes you smile too. Oh beware the french; a little trick to make a rhyme. I do feel that rhymes are so important.

My dog ran off with the keys

My dog ran off with the keys to my car.
its true, please believe what I say.
The distance from home to here is so far,
I'm just lucky to get here today,
At all!

How on earth did it happen, you want to know.
Well, I was just letting him out for a wee;
When I happened to sneeze, I dropped the keys
and he ran off, overjoyed to be free.
You see!

My phone was inside, what was I to do?
Had to follow the dog, for sure.
Lest he lost the keys, dropped me in the stew
with no means of contacting vous,
cet jour.

So pardonez-moi, I'm here at last
And ready to do what you need.
I'm ready and willing and able if asked,
except for one little problem, this hound on the lead.
No keys, no car, no home so far
had to bring the dog!

The prompt for this piece was actually, "Make up a creative reason for being late to an important function." Don't know why this sprang into my head, we don't even have a dog these days; our last pooch passed away a number of years ago. But it did and I like the outcome. 

Until the next time ....................

And do keep on writing.

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  1. lol John,

    Yes I can see the wild chase going on. We've had to do a few of those darts in the past to catch our escapees. I love who you work some French in there... I can pick out a few words here in there, but it sure does add a flare to it.