Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Still writing, this one a poem for laughs

Well, back again for another new poem written using a Prompt from the Weekly Writing Prompt from my friend Monna, have you visited her site yet?

I was looking out for this one and when it came at first I scatched my aging head. But I took up the challenge of a bonus prompt! To create a short story or poem of your own that is totally unbelievable or ridiculous.

Well, how to start? As usual, I selected the first idea which came into my head and that just happend to turn into the first line of the poem. I called it, Moonwalk. Here it is I hope it makes you smile.


I took a little walk last week
To the moon and back
I climbed a shining moonbeam
And I took a little snack.
I knew it would take a while
So I took along our Jack.
Great company with his pet monkey;
Which I think is a macaque

Along the way we were treated
To an astronomic thrill.
Passing meteors and rainbows
We danced an old quadrille
We had such fun, the three of us
But could only stay until
We remembered it would soon be time
To head back to Jacksonville

The title came to mind after the last word in the poem. I did not start with a title in mind, but let the poem just take me where it will. The last line needed a rhyme and Jacksonville popped up. After that the title seemed to put itself forward for me. I dont often think too hard about what I am writing, as far as I am concerned it is all a bit of fun. Although sometimes, rarely, it is about sad memories.

Well there you are another poem thanks to Monna, and do visit her blog, especially if you are a beginning writer and hope to self publish. I  managed to self-publish my first book on Amazon with Monna's advice.

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  1. Hi John, This is great and certainly does invoke a lot of imagination. Again, I think I said this in Monna's comment... can you imagine (I guess you can) all of the glorious sights you would see walking from the moon and back. So many things to think about when going on this adventure. Well done.