Monday, 16 April 2012

Changing the published addresses of my poems

This is just a very quick post to explain why there may be broken links in the previous posts. I started to publish my poems on a site called Triond, however I have found that the site has many "spun" articles. It was not poor english as could be expected from non-native speakers but definitely spun rubbish. I did not want to be associated with the site so have cancelled my account there. I understand that Trion was hit very heavily by the Google Panda update and that the site have done very little to counter the issues. This has resulted in very little traffic from Google, so this is anonther reason to leave the site before It would be a major setback.

I will republish the poems on Squidoo and correct the links as soon as the new ones are available.
Update : links now point to correct url's

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. I should have done more to assess the site before starting to publish but there are people who have been on the site and have earned money in the past with good solid original content. A very quick assessment seemed to show it would be a good site to make use of. As I read the forums and found the spun rubbish, I became very disappointed. Still, we live and learn.

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