Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Still excited about this new venture into poetry.

I have had a little time to think about the offer of a free e-book and unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that I mat have mislead in my first post. I was thinking of selecting some 40-50 poems but in reality I will  only be able to find time to post 4-5 a week. They were written as I said many years ago, and probably never really edited at the time so I will need to review them all before posting for public consumption. This means it will take a little longer than I at first anticipated. Blame it on the excitement of the project, and nnot carefully thinking about it. One possibility is to publish in two (or) more volumes. This would certainly be a quicker way to make the e-book available. I will have to see how things work out.
Also it was a very poor idea asking interested readers to leave an e-mail (on a publicly viewed blog? OMG what was I thinking?) I will make it available in PDF format somewhere on the web when it is ready. In the meantime, if you know of a site where I can do this, please let me know in the comment box. I have never used such a facility before,

But now to the real purpose of today's post. I want to post another three excerpts from my back catalogue of poems. As I said yesterday, I have about 200 filed away, well stored in notebooks really, and am beginning to post them on line. This blog is really a central file system as they are being posted on different sites. Hopefully to earn a crust or two, so if you like the excerpt please support a straving artist. Well alright, I am not starving but who knows when the worm will turn.

The Song Of My life.

The song of my life has been long
But now it is finally sung
And I sang it to you,
As I bade you Adieu.
Yes the song of my life has been sung.

Put Down Your Gun

Put Down your gun, you’d better run,
You can’t have it all your own way.
You never know when you might need a friend
So put down your gun today.
Banish all thoughts of vengeance.
“Live and let live”, don’t they say.
You can’t come up number one, everytime.
So put down your gun today.

read the whole poem and notes in poems on attitudes to life

The Wicked Magician

The wicked Magician,
He cries in the night.
For the wrongs he has done
And the wrongs he can’t right.

read the whole poem and notes in poems on attitudes to life

So there we have it, there are now six of the poems published, and at least another two which I haven't excerpted here but their turn will come. I have also found a couple of sites which allow uploading of files but not sure if thi will count as duplication of content and so will be looking at all the options very carefully before I decide to use their services and post my e-book with them. Don't want to fall foul of the TOS of the sites which I am suing for publishing on line.


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