Monday, 2 April 2012

Poems and Poetry

I find that I need to start another blog. I have separated my painting and mixed media collage art work, started other blogs for my photography and musical interests and also another which is basically to promote my Zazzle store but now I need a blog as a home for my creative writing which at the moment is basically poetry. My poems are basically about life and the way that we live it.

I have a fairly large back catalogue of unpublished work, written mostly in my younger days. And that is sometime ago, LOL. I have used much of it to set to music and sung those which I think of as my favourites, because of this the structure and wording of some of the examples may well seem odd. However, now that I have "retired" from the day job, I am refinding and starting new interests.

So I am looking to get some exposure for some of the older work and will be adding new poems more and more frequently as the time passes. I need to get back into the frame of mind which enables me to start writing poetry again.

Just as a taster, here is an original poem and a couple of excerpts with links to the full text elsewhere on the internet.

Is The Day Too Long?

Is the day too long
To hold to what you’re crying for?
Is the day too bright
To see just what you want?
Is the time too fast
To make your mind up anyway?
Is life just a dream,
You cannot hold?

Have you seen the sun,
When up above’s a clear blue sky?
Have you felt the rain,
When the sun is beating down?
Can you reach the sky,
“Oh no”, this time I hear you say.
Can you really say
You’ve ever lived?

You’ve never seen the sun,
The clouds of doubt obscure your mind.
You’ve never felt the rain
You’re too insensitive for that.
You’ve never touched the sky,
Your crookedness is stopping you.
Oh no, you cannot say,
You’ve ever lived.

The River (excerpt)

Cold, silent river
How I long to be free.
You ask no questions,
Just roll on down to the sea.
Coloured lights reflect in your water,
I reflect in them too.
But I’ve so many questions,
I don’t know what I must do.

See the full version in my Squidoo lens  How To Write Memorable Song Lyrics

The Wind (excerpt)

The Wind sighed,
And the world turned.
The Wind whispered, "Why?"
But no one heard.

Read more about this poem and why it was written with illustrations of wind/storm damage in the article. A poem: The Wind

I hope that will will take the time to read the full poems, otherwise you will miss out and that would be a pity. I hope to create an e-book with the large back catalogue and will be making this free to interested lovers of poems and poetry. I cannot promise when this will be available, I need to assess which poems I think are worth being included and hopefully it will contain 30 to 40 examples of my poetry. If you think you might be interested in this collection please leave a comment and I will be pleased to email it to you when it is completed.

ADDENDUM: On re-reading this today, I think asking for e-mails was wrong. Leave a comment please, but when the e-book is ready I will find somewhere to post it in PDF format (probably) so that it is downloadable. At 4 or 5 a week it is going to be  a little while until it is ready if It is to include as many of the poems as I would like. So depending on the way it works out there may be fewer poems than I at first anticipated. Maybe two volumes would be more convenient.

"The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglay" - Robbie Burns

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