Friday, 20 April 2012

Spelling and grammar in poetry - is it important?

Quite a bit has been written on this subject of correct spelling and grammar in poetry around the web, but I wanted to put a personal slant on to the subject.

To this end, I have just published a lens (= web page) on squidoo which addresses the subject, Spelling and grammar in poems. Basically it is possible for us to separate the two topics. I do not believe that there is any case for not using correct spelling, whether or not we are discussing "creative" writing. With dictionaries easily available and on-line if required, it is sheer laziness not to check up on words which a writer is not confident about.

I have to put my hand up and saythat sometimes when writing on-line I press the publish/post button before I should. It is so easy to get carried away, BUT there is really no excuse. I would never consider a painting complete until I have left it for a couple of days and checked upon it with a fresh eye. I need to remember this with my writing sometimes.

Grammar is another matter. I think that where necessary for understanding (and after all writing is about communication) then the writer should consider this as a matter of some importance. On the other hand rules are made to be broken, but like sos many things make sure that you know why you are breaking the rule. Know it before you break it is a good way to look at this topic. I have touched upon a number of specific examples in the squidoo lens.

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I have also re-published most of the poems from Trion on a Squidoo lens, Poems On Attitudes To Life. The rest will follow soon.

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