Saturday, 14 April 2012

Writing Poetry

I have written Poetry/lyrics for many years without considering the technicalities. I used to be subjected to poetry at school and obviously picked up a little understanding of the gendre, and of course I was like any other teenager in the sixties a listener/consumer of pop music.

So I became aware of rhyme, metre and other issues and thought I knew what worked and what didn't. But with a little time on my hands now, in my 65th year, I am determined to try and learn a little more. Will it make my poems/lyrics any better? Well, that I don't know but I am going to find out.

I have just found a web site (creative writing) which offers lessons in various aspects of creative writing including : how to write poetry. I shall be following the lessons and hoping to write something of my experience in getting to grips with structure, techniques rhyming schemes and many more. I also hope to be adding a few new poems rather than trawling through my old, sometimes schoolboy, efforts. Not that I believe they were not or are not worthwhile, I am proud to have written them, but I want to write something with more of an intelligent outlook, something more personal ........ ?????  Do I really mean that? I am not sure what I mean really, but hopefully you will be able to judge for yourselves.

So for my first "new" work, I offer a piece about waiting - something I truly find is a pet hate of mine.

It actually reminds me of The Cat In the Hat, or at least the style that Dr Seuss, the childrens author used to write in. I read many of his books to my son's when they were small. If you don't know his writing, check out his biography page, but remember these are for small children. Horton the elephant, the lorax, I remember them all so well.

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